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 The Town of Preble does not provide trash removal services for their residents.  Trash removal is must be contracted with private trash service.  


Backyard Burning - Much More Hazardous Than You Think

A generation ago, trash consisted largely of paper, wood, natural fiber cloth, and food or yard waste. Today trash often contains plastics, synthetic cloth, and chemicals. Trash burned today creates harmful pollution unheard of years ago.

One of the toxic compounds produced during backyard barrel burning is called dioxin. Studies have linked dioxin to developmental delays in children, harm to the immune system, and increased risks of cancer.

Backyard burning is a major uncontrolled source of dioxin in the United States: per pound of household trash burned, barrels emit hundreds of times more dioxin than a garbage incinerator. In a burn barrel, household waste is burned without air pollution controls at relatively low combustion temperatures, producing harmful smoke and particulates, which can cause breathing difficulties when inhaled and trigger asthma attacks.

Daily dioxin emissions from household burn barrels used by 2 to 40 families equal the air pollution from a garbage incinerator that serves thousands of families.

Dairy cows that graze on pastures where burn barrel pollution has fallen may produce milk with higher concentrations of these contaminants. 

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