Town Hall: (607) 749-3199
Town Justice: (607) 749-2377

Highway Superintendent: Jeffrey Griswold

Equipment Operator: Charlie Reagan

Equipment Operator: Kevin Baldwin

Plus one seasonal employee each summer

The Town of Preble maintains 25.4 centerline miles of roads. Sixteen miles of the 25.4 are plowed, making up 34 plowing segments. We also plow school bus pull-offs, turnarounds, the Fire Station and the Town Hall. The average route time is 2 hrs. 45 minutes.

Summer duties include: culvert replacement/ installation, ditch cleaning, road material hauling and placement (gravel, pavement), oil and stone treatments, cutting brush, mowing roadsides along with maintaining 5 abandoned cemeteries. We also provide the resources for the annual “Town Clean-Up”.

The Highway operation moved into a new building in January of 2018 at 6684 Rt. 281 next to the salt shed. All
equipment is now stored indoors. All 6 bays have in-floor hydronic heating with propane boilers. The building was paid for with money saved and a State grant from Senator Jim Seward.


Please feel free to call the highway garage at 607-749-2710 with any questions.