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The Preble Planning Board meets the 4th Wednesday of each month at 7 pm at the Preble Town Hall, 1968 Preble Road.

The November 2024 meeting will be November 20 and the December 2023 meeting is cancelled.


 Planning Board Agenda for Feb. 28, 2024 @ 7:00 pm

  • James Rhea lot line adjustment application; tax map Nos. 7.04-01-02.000 and 7.04-01-01.000; Saint Charles Bay Road;
  • Jack Terrell subdivision application; tax map No. 7.00-05-26.000; Fulmer Road
  • E. Nathan Shirley subdivision application; tax map No. 17.00-03-05.000; Song Lake Road and Song Lake Crossing.



The draft plan dated November 15, 2023, is available for review here:  Draft Plan

 Statement regarding the Proposed draft revised Comprehensive Plan dated November 15, 2023

 The purpose and general goals of this draft revised Comprehensive Plan remain the same as the initial Plan adopted in 1994.  The purpose is to adequately provide for inevitable changes and growth while retaining the overall rural character of the Town.  The general goals seek to:

  •         Protect the Cortland Valley Sole Source Aquifer.
  •         Expand existing areas of commercial development.
  •         Avoid fragmented growth (strip development).
  •         Provide gradual increase of development densities as one moves towards established growth centers.
  •         Protect the Town's lakes.
  •         Preserve the Town’s prime agricultural land.

In response to the Plan itself and the Town Board, the Planning Board has made draft changes to the Plan to keep it responsive and up-to-date with current Town trends. The draft updated Comprehensive Plan has identified the following needs.

 1.       Establish a mixed-use Hamlet Area within the central R1 residential area of the Town.

2.       Consider establishing restrictions and/or regulations for short-term rental of residences within all land-use areas permitting residential use, especially the R1L districts.

3.       Consider updating Preble subdivision regulations using Conservation Subdivision Design concepts that help to preserve desirable rural characteristics in communities with possible new residential development pressures.

4.       Due to the increased scale of dairy farming in Preble:

a.       Promote best agricultural practices required by other governmental agencies to ensure that agricultural land use is protective of the Cortland Valley Sole Source Aquifer and public and private drinking water wells in Preble.

b.       Promote observance of existing speed limits through roads in Preble’s residential districts to ensure safety of residents and minimize noise levels.

c.       Consider lowering speed limits on certain Preble residential district roads having residences on both sides of the road.

5.       Consider restrictions and/or regulations concerning commercial solar arrays to prevent the significant loss of Preble’s prime agricultural land to this use.

6.       Promote public awareness of Preble’s Aquifer Protection District Ordinance.


 The following reference material for the draft comprehensive plan was prepared by Planning Board member Peter McClure:

1. Conservation Subdivision Design is a design tool for preserving rural-agrarian character of a community as land is subdivided for development. It encourages traditional neighborhood development patterns rather than suburban sprawl and preserves environmentally valuable parts of the landscape within new subdivisions.  More information on implementing Conservation Subdivision Design in local subdivision regulations is available through the CNY Regional Planning and Development Board.  Jeanie Gleisner, Program Manager, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Also the following link provides more information on Conservation Subdivision Design: :    

2.  I don't have specific weblinks to required best practices for spreading of fertilizers, pesticides and manure.  This excerpt from the draft Plan is the best that I can do right now.   "The Town recognizes the importance of  farm operations following best farming practices recommended by the  N.Y. State Department of Conservation (DEC) (e.g., for spreading fertilizers, pesticides and manure)  and other governmental agencies (e.g., U.S. Department of Agriculture and the N.Y. State Department of Agriculture and Markets) to ensure that agricultural land-use continues to support the protection of the primary aquifer underlying the Preble Valley, private residence drinking water wells and public water supplies (e.g., for restaurants, trailer parks). These agricultural practices recommended by other governmental agencies are expected to prevent serious threat to a safe and adequate water supply serving Preble and other areas of the county."

3.  Sections 560, 561, 562, 563.564. 565. 566. 567. 568. 569 of the current Town of Preble Zoning Ordinance describe the Aquifer Protection District , Permitted Uses, Non-Conforming Practices, Prohibioted Uses and Activities, Restricted Uses and Activities, and Special Permits Required.


Planning Board:

Chair: Maureen Knapp

Peter McClure

Amy Bertini

Jim McGee

Linda Bocian

 Donald Armstrong, Attorney

Sue Wright, Secretary