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The Elmwood Cemetery in Preble is a long-standing private association organized in 1868. Funding for this association has been primarily by selling cemetery plots to families who have lost a loved one and people who plan to be buried at the cemetery. From time to time they have also received monetary gifts that have helped in the maintenance and upkeep of the cemetery. As the cemetery grows in size, so do their expenses and the time needed to properly care for the grounds.

They are asking the community's support in their efforts to raise funds necessary to maintain the buildings and grounds now and for several years to come. Any amount you could donate will be greatly appreciated. Your contribution can be directed to:

Preble Elmwood Cemetery
c/o Carole DeLine
2346 East River Rd
Cortland, NY
Ph: (607) 753-6595

Cemetery Prices

  • Prices are effective AUGUST, 2017
  • ALL plots are $ 660.00 PER Grave
  • Lots are sold with Permanent Maintenance
  • Foundations are $0.60 (60 Cents) per Square Inc
  •  Ground/Flush Stone placement fee is $95.00
  • Interment Charges
  • Infants up to 3 Feet $150.00
  • Adults 3 Feet and Above $ 660.00 Weekends/Holidays $ 770.00
  • Cremated Remains $ 300.00 Weekends/Holidays $ 350.00
  • Cremated Remains, Companion Urn $450.00
  • Disinterment Fee Variable Depending on Case

In May, 2011 A Memorial Garden was started. In this garden a stone/plaque no larger than 3’x2’x2” can be placed in memory of one who would like to be remembered in Preble and whose remains are not buried at Elmwood Cemetery. The charge for a spot in the garden is $200.00. The foundation price for the stone/plaque will be charged at rate stated above. 

Cemetery Rules

  • Small Flower beds are allowed at the base of monuments, but they must not exceed 12 inches from the monument.
  • All labor, including foundation work will be done by the cemetery staff.
  • Permission from the cemetery is required for any special work.
  • There will be a $5.00 charge assessed for each tree, bush, or shrub planted on a lot regardless of whether cemetery staff or family plants them. A bill will be sent to the plot owner if permission is not requested.
  • Graves will not be opened between November and March when weather conditions warrant such refusal. Extra charges will be assessed in access of the above stated fees if extra costs are incurred by the cemetery for any winter burial.
  • No Burial of Pets allowed.



Photos below in Elmwood Images are:   Remembering a Naval Veteran 

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