Town Hall: (607) 749-3199
Town Justice: (607) 749-2377
*** In case of emergency call 911 ***

The Preble Fire Department

The Town of Preble owns 6 fire trucks, 2 buildings, and a boat for water rescue. The Department handles approximately 130 calls in a calendar year with 55 percent being EMS medical calls. The rest are a mixture of calls ranging from fires, motor vehicle accidents, alarms, mutual aid, wires/trees down and more.

Chief: Ryne Austin                                                                                                                                                       

1st Assistant Chief: Nick Casterline                                                                                                                                                  

2nd Assistant Chief: John Casterline                                                                                                                                                                         

3rd Assistant Chief:  Bob Pitman


President: Jeff Griswold

Secretary: Heather Griswold

Treasurer: Nancy Dalley

Assistant Treasurer: David Smith



Amy Bertini, Chairwoman

Kim Buttino, Michael Redenback, Pete Thorman, Melanie Valardi

The Department is always looking for new members, as the need for volunteers is constant. The initial training takes several hours and is very taxing to the body. The result is the ability to help your family, friends and neighbors in times of need. Anyone wishing to inquire about membership may contact any firefighter, speak to a department officer or come to the Fire Station and introduce himself or herself any Monday night at 7pm.

The Department appreciates the generous support of the community during their fundraisers.

The Preble Fire Department thanks the community for their support.