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Dog Licensing

The purpose of this local law is to provide for the licensing and identification of dogs, the control and protection of the dog population and the protection of persons, property, domestic animals and other animals from dog attack and damage.

File Name: law-dog-licensing.pdf
File Type: application/pdf
Created Date: 10-21-2018
Last Updated Date: 03-03-2024

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Keyhole Development

Whether it's called keyhole, funnel, portal or corridor-development, the concept is the same. When the purchase of real estate that is 'not' located on a lake or river, provides ongoing deeded use of a separate parcel that 'is' on the waterfront, people can be funneled through the waterfront parcel (or keyhole), using it as a corridor.

Such a real estate extends all normal privileges of ownership to the keyhole, including but not limited to use by those leasing the primary residence, visitors enjoying a short-term vacation rental* and owner-tenants. All have authority to utilize the waterfront lot. Keyhole rights follows the residential home deed; transferring authority to use the remote lot in perpetuity.

Town of Preble Code of Ethics

The purpose of this local law is to convey standards of ethical conduct to officers and employees of the Town of Preble and serve as a guide for the official conduct of the officers and employees of the Town of Preble.

Flood Damage Prevention

The Town Board of the Town of Preble finds that the potential and/or actual damages from flooding and erosion may be a problem to the residents of the Town of Preble and that such damages may include: destruction or loss of private and public housing, damage to public facilities, both publicly and privately owned, and injury to and loss of human life. In order to minimize the threat of such damages and to achieve the purposes and objectives hereinafter set forth, this local law is adopted.

The Zoning Ordinance of the Town of Preble - 2016 Revisions

The objectives of this Zoning Ordinance are:

1). Protect the Cortland Valley Sole Source Aquifer.

2). Protect the open and natural character of the land.

3). Provide for planned growth of agricultural, residential, commercial and industrial use of land consistent with the goals and objectives of the Town Development and Land Use Plan and the economic and social needs of the community.

4). Provide for more intensive protection of the Town's lakes.

5). Preserve the Town's natural resources and habitats.

6). Encourage the use of alternative energy systems and protect solar and wind access.

7). Promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the Town consistent with the objectives of Town Law Section 263.


Residency Requirements

A local law to establish the residency requirements for the appointed offices of Code Enforcement Officer, Town Attorney, and Dog Control Officer.