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September 5, 2002

Minutes of the Zoning Board of Appeals

Board members present were Chairman Daniel O'Shea, Brian Bartholomew, Adelbert Knapp, Kay Vossler and Bob Lieber.

Two Items on the agenda:

Discuss the County Board meeting and to approve the minutes for June 2002 meeting.

Board discussed the invitation from the Cortland County Planning Department to learn how to fill out and file a SEQR.

Board reviewed the Minutes from the June, 2002 Zoning Board meeting and Brian Bartholomew motioned to approve them as written. Bob Lieber seconded the motion. Vote was 5-0 in favor to approve the minutes.

Board discussed the Master Plan Meeting for the Town of Preble. Chairman O'Shea stated the Dan Dineen stated that the Town of Preble does not have an aquifer protection plan.

Board discussed the Shafer permit and the DEC. Board decided to cancel the October 2002 meeting unless the have an agenda. Sharon will post in Post Office and the Cortland Standard.

Motion to adjourn. Vote was 5-0 in favor. Meeting closed at 7:55 PM.

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